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April 15, 2001

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Biography - Evert A. Robles

Some images cannot be described accurately by mere words alone. It takes much more than words to describe images, which contain the amount of information and mystery as those contained within the portfolio of Evert A. Robles.

Evert Robles' photographic portfolio is a combination of digital imagery, photography and a true artist's handiwork. The image displayed here is a great example of Evert's exhibition "Goddess", which explores the beauty, mystery, and intriguing characteristics of the female human form. This image is a fine example of Evert's extreme use of fine details to catapult his imagery into a level by itself.

The portfolio of Evert A. Robles is in a class of its own, with very few competitors. The images contained within this portfolio are among the very best in the world of fine art and digital photography!,Humanity has one consciousness.This, I try to communicate through my art. My style is a synthesis of all time and cultures


Robles was born on December 20,1965 in Paramaribo,Suriname.This small country in South America is one of the most culturally diverse places on earth.At the age of 6,his family moved to Europe,and spend the next 14 years in Holland,Germany,and then the United States. At 20 he decided to return to Amsterdam where he currently lives and works.

His inspiration comes from mass media, and painters like Picasso and surrealist,Dali. From these influences Robles has shaped his unique style.In his own personal way he brings the world together in his art


Robles decided to pursue art as career at18,creating detailed and realistic drawings.On a quest to broaden his horizons Robles returned to Holland:a land with a rich artistic heritage.During the next two years he concentrated on drawing nude models,and began experimenting with different techniques and materials.In 1988, Robles co-founded ÒArt BeamÓ,an advertising agency.Here he developed a style that integrated photography with panting.Five years later Robles made his debut with solo exhibitions at two art galleries in Amsterdam.Since that time he has been exploring new territory in the field of multimedia.This led to his involvement with the direction & production of music videos.In the year 2000 Robles participated in ÒDetroit Focus 2000Ó,a photography exhibition,where he was featured at in the Johanson Charles Gallery with: ÓGoddessÓ a series of digital photo-graphics.


The themes of RoblesÕ art reflect his ÒFin de siecleÓ approach to humanity: One stands still and looks back as well as ahead in his existence.Where is humanity at the beginning of the 21st century? What will the future bring? Collective symbolism is constantly evolving and changing.The dramatic social perception of the new millennium offers the opportunity for reassessment of time gone by, and conscious evolution from it.Robles offers the his unique symbolism as a positive contribution to this global process.He believes art should challenge us to look deeper beneath the surface, into the soul.It should be spiritual and open our imaginations,echoing both the past and the future.



Evert A. Robles presents us with a series of photo graphics that gives each viewer an opportunity to explore archetypical images in a surreal setting.Robles builds his compositions by utilizing multiple images often creating a mirror-like effect.These counterpoised visuals are windows to the soul.

The female figure is translucently represented,housed within various environmental scenarios,paying homage to the contemporary Goddess.

The female figure is a visual classic used in many art forms.Yet the setting Robles depicts women represents an identity that is neither fixed in time nor space.This ÒtransnationalÓ identity is a new and powerful theme that is definitive of a twenty-first century experience


Like an alchemyst he transfoms shapes into soul reflections, unveiling hidden layers of life.Tune in, and experience visions echoing both the past and the future.

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