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May 14, 2001

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Biography - Antonio Vazquez

In 1978 I took my first step as a photographer: I bought a 35mm camera, a Nikon F3 (it was the most sophisticated Nikon model at the time). One of the things I remember most dearly from that day is that the assistant at the shop very kindly recommended choosing a simpler camera. He thought it would be more suitable for a complete beginner, who couldn’t even load the camera with film, what was a diaphragm or how to use a photometer. I understand what he meant, however, he was not able to convince me that day: I wanted to take pictures just like the professionals, and if this was the equipment they used, it was also the camera that I needed.

It was with this belief that I began to work. I chose wild-life photography, as it was a topic that had always thrilled me. Obviously, he first results were quite disappointing: the target animals were out of focus or too far away, and the camera, in spite of being one of the best, was really no help. However, I was not discouraged. I wanted to get my photos published.

Finally, in 1993, I got my first feature in a magazine. It took several years working as an amateur, many bad pictures and loads of patience – specially from my friends, who had too stand boring sessions of slide projection –. It was published in Natura, one of the most prestigious wild-life publications in Spain, and I was proud to achieve the front page as well as the central article of the magazine. This filled me with satisfaction and was a great encouragement. Later on came more features, more front pages, new magazines, different countries, and, what gives me the most pleasure: more books.

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Cervantes,16 - 2 A
Sama de Langreo  Asturias 
PH: 985674481
FAX: 985674481

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