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June 5, 2001

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Biography - Peter Wallack

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on the Earth. They grace the skies with their vibrant colors and nimble bodies. Their songs resonate through the air, adding a dimension of peace and calm in even the most industrialized locations. Capturing this beauty on film is quite difficult, as most of these creatures are wary of their proximity to humans. It is challenging to capture even one image on film, which can speak of a bird's impeccable existence.

Peter Wallack is a master at capturing this existence on film. His images of birds are some of the most amazing we have ever seen at Profotos. Not only does Peter capture the essence of this species, but he does it with all of the major "rules" of photography in mind. These "rules" are difficult to master while photographing still objects, let alone something that is only 2 feet (~2/3 meter) tall and moving at 30MPH (~55KPH).

The impressive beauty of Peter's images is sure to capture your imagination and your heart in its grasp. We are sure that you will find this to be one of the best portfolios of birds you have ever seen!,I have been teaching since 1968. I did my masters degree in City and Regional Planning and needed a final studio presentation. I bought a Minolta SRT 101, in 1972, and was off with my wife Ruth to visit her brother, Robert Wornan, the man responsible for constructing this very web site, in London as a base of operations for shooting a photo essay on New Towns (Garden Cities). Bob would have none of me using my camera with just the 50mm lens. He gave me his Nikon with wide angle, normal, and telephoto lenses. When I wasn’t visiting New Towns, Bob and Julie took Ruth and me to Cambridge. My slide show images actually worked so well my advisor at Pratt Institute, got me some federal money and teamed me up with Media for the Urban Environment to make a series of videos on using found spaces to facilitate schools. Simultaneously, my roll of Cambridge, England was fortunately very good because it was extremely beautiful that March day with great warmth for that time of year, wonderful huge trees still without leaves, canals, people in boats, daffodil fields with contemplative folks…

By 1974, I was deeply into black and white film with much shooting of my first born, Samantha, as a subject, my darkroom, and directing some educational televisions pieces at Columbia University where I was doing my doctorate. In 1977, friends helped me set up a color darkroom with the Minolta Mod IV and its color/white light analyzer. I was getting darkroom instruction from experienced people nearby and from a consummate published known professional from Paris, where Bob and Julie now lived. I shot up local scenery in the beautiful upper Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York. I improved, made some nice images and joined a cooperative gallery in New York City, Soho Photo, located then off Fifth Avenue and 13 th Street. I would have shows there but more importantly I learned how to think art and photography together.

As the years went by I shifted to many cooperative galleries and then started to do art show. My subject matter was diverse: landscapes on a scale of a few hundred feet, landscapes with people and man-made objects, the childbirth of my second daughter, Alison, in 1978, flowers and water lilies, and third world people to landscapes . I taught World Cultures so photographing the third world produced curriculum slide shows, and the images that were the best of from that had me calling myself Ends Of The Earth Photography when I was listed for shows.

Comes time to think about a warm place to retire in 2002, so in 1998 my wife and I discover Sanibel Island off the southwest coast of Florida. I come home and quickly rent a house for August 1999, fall in love with all the birds on this site and the rest you can see. I became a bird photographer in need of learning new techniques. To get those techniques, I have joined various other professional bird photographers. I now own my retirement house on Sanibel Island and even discovered Pelican Trees.

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12" by 18" Fine Art Prints in 18" by 24" mats - $120
16" by 24" CANVAS Prints in 22 by 30 mats - $160

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Contact Info:
17274 San Carlos Blvd
#201(Indian Creek Plaza)
Fort Myers  FL 
PH: 941-437-2111

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