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July 19, 2001

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Biography - Wynn White

While many photographers of today are looking for ways to get the most out of their time to produce their images, Wynn White is satisfied with the ways of old to produce unique images, which are unparalleled in today's hustle and bustle world. The ancient traditional processing techniques employed by Wynn include: manual developing; print toning; cyanotypes; van dyke prints, and more. Wynn has been working form many years to master the old printing techniques of the masters, which go well beyond any automated process of today.

Within Wynn's images, there is a subtle quality of place, which rises above any preconceived mood or notion we may have about his photographs. This quality of place lends itself to creating a mood within each of Wynn's images, which evokes a sense of being in the photograph while viewing it. While this characteristic may sound a bit far-fetched to some, it is a definite quality which is unique to Wynn's work. This quality is exceptional, in that it goes far beyond any conscious purpose the artist may have in creating their images.

The unique qualities of Wynn's work are what contribute to his inclusion on Profotos. We invite you to experience these qualities for yourself now. Be sure to keep in mind the painstaking work Wynn has employed in each of these images - in some instances, many hours go into producing just one image on paper. This is the mark of a true master of the medium - Wynn White.,Wynn White is an American fine art black and white photographer and printer with over twenty years of experience. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Japan and in the United States including the Kodak Photo Salon, the Verso Gallery, the Siber Photo Center, and the Coos Art Museum. His prints were most recently shown at the Shimousaya Art Gallery in Chiba through which he conducts photographic workshops. His work has appeared in the magazine Nippon Camera and was featured in Taisei ConstructionÕs quarterly magazine TQ for three years. White was a guest lecturer on the NHK photography series Introduction to Photography and his images were featured in the accompanying text book. Currently he is represented by Amana Images and by Magapress both located in Tokyo.

Wynn is originally from the northwestern United States but now makes his home in Yotsukaido, Chiba where he has his studio and darkroom. He does all of his own developing and printing making conventional gelatin-silver prints as well as hand coated historic process prints.

White purchased his first camera to take along on his first trip to Japan while with the US Navy in 1970. He has been much enamored of both photography and Japan ever since. After completion of his Navy tour of duty he studied Prehispanic Art at the University of Mexico in Mexico City and then attended Sophia University in Tokyo where he received a degree in economics. He has no formal training in photography and has learned by viewing the works of the masters in museums and galleries and through trial and error in the field and in his darkroom.

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Fine Art

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Contact Info:
313-61 Warabi
Yotsukaido, Chiba  284-0044
PH: 8143-240-4315

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