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May 12, 2007

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Profotos Member Biography - Shoichi Sato

In 1943, I was born in Tokyo and still live in the suburbs. When I was a student of junior high school, I learned a lot of composing a photograph with twin lens reflex camera and dark room technique of black and white at a high school.

After graduate from University, I’ve choiced working for some company, 8 years for house builder, in charge of advertises at sales promotion division, 23 years for The Bank of Tokyo, in charge of foreign exchange and 9 years for a printing company. These works gave me a valuable experiences and knowledges of photography and up-to-date information on prints.

In 1967, I bought a single lens reflex camera Nikon F, But I didn’t start as a photographer, because of the difficulty live with photograpy.

Besides working, I have rediscovered my passion, striving to fulfill my dream as a Fine Photographic Artist. I studied photographers and influenced by the works of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Elliott Erwitt and many others. I love Ukiyo-e prints. Katsushika Hokusai and Ando Hiroshige. Both of them are landscape artist known for their styles. It is well-known that the Impressionaist painters Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, and others collected Ukiyo-e.

I have traveled and visited many museums in Europe, England, Hawaii, the mainland U.S., Australia, Thailand, Hongkong and others. My collection of images contains a wide verity of subjects such as travel, flora, nature, landscapes, townscapes of Japan and foreign countries. I love snap shot best, shoot with Nikon and Canon digital, though still keep some 35mm bodies and Hasselblad, I make images in all sorts of environments. Some of my work is done at the small park not far from home. I’m usually more interested in finding new points, rather than taking pictures in more popular areas.

During the late six years, I have also moved into fine art prints, and commercial work. I could make money as a photographer, start with wedding. Having solo exhibition every year. As for myself, late started freelance photographer with 50 years experience based in Tokyo, I have photographed most extensively in Japan. I found that this is my way, to catch up others who have started long times before.

After I‘ve had solo exhibition, my photographs have also been displayed for sale at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo. I made up my mind to start this year as a Fine Art Printer. For output, I work within Photoshop and output to an Epson MAXART PX-5500 printer or Canon BJ F9000, both for size A3+.

I feel happy with these prints can made in the lighted room, without chemical materials. Yes, we can print in Lightroom. I couldn’t imagine it when I was young. Now, I enjoy printing on selected papers for fine prints and recure to black and white in different technique before.

I do volunteer photography and field work for the Machida-shi Photo Salon and am a guest instructor for their workshops, as well as a lecturer on digital photographing landscape and nature.

Please feel free to view the rest of my portfolio at: under construction.Opening soon.)

If you‘d like to purchase them, they are available for sale through my website or e-mail.

For buying info, please contact me via e-mail at

Solo Exhibitions:
2002.5 Photogenic Spring/Autumn, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

2003.6 Figure of the seasons, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

2003.8 Season Changes, at Nikon Salon, Shinjuku, Tokyo

2003.9 Eyes in the Past Days, at Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo.

2004.5 Before/After the best seasons, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

2005.9 VENETIA, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

2006.4 SAKURA-Cherry Blossoms, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

2007.5 DEAD END, at JCII(Japan Camera Industry Institute) Gallery, Tokyo

2007.7 LE MONT SAINT-MICHEL, at Machida City Museum of Photography, Tokyo.

The Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ)

Japan Nature Scenery Photograph Association (JNP).

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Contact Info:
2-4-8 Naruse Machida-shi
Tokyo, 194-0044  Japan
PH: 042-725-9939
FAX: 042-725-9939

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