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August 16, 2001

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Profotos Member Biography - Iztok Brodnjak


Being born 12 days too late is not a catastrophe yet. Neither is going through the characteristics of your zodiac sign - libra for example…but when you have to take decisions on important things in life, then a dilemma is here not one, two dilemmas and even those two came to soon

The time came when I had to answer myself to what the hell I was going to do in my life was it too early or was I in one of my dilemmas…and then my first thought was to save the world that was really very ambitious but soon I realised I had to take things easily one by one so I started with human beings and matriculated to medicine it was great but rather than that I ran a photo class and had a dark-room after a certain pleasant period of time I had to decide again how to continue as a matter of fact I was not eager to continue - life was so beautiful but anyway by that time some people had already proved to me they hadn't been worth a bullet I loved the other ones but that was not enough to dedicate the rest of my life to them that is why a rationalistic deviation followed and I decided to take up veterinary studies animals I really do love you my studies started and ended well I didn't complete them it soon became clear to me that was not the way to live according to my personal legend, save the world, the man and all those animals, the hairy ones, the slimy ones, the less…

I had to decide again but this time it was not difficult because all of it had already been there inside of me and around me my hobby became my profession and I have become a photographer.

The feeling to be missing something because of those 12 days before the very beginning of my life is still present here inside of me at my thirties but now when I am experiencing my personal legend I certainly will reduce that 12 day delay or even catch up with myself.

Ajala, my beautiful tibetan terrier gives me the opportunity to love animals every day and medicine yes this is my hobby now - sometimes I save life to somebody but let’s talk about this some other time.


I have exchanged film for digital chip not for the life time but still at my present post where I work with photography and digital imaging as well as in my spare time when I take photos of interesting faces - see the gallery - the digital technique enables me a simple input of the shots into the computer luckily a good digital photo camera appeared on the market which offers the essential quality I demand for a fair price /olympus e - 10/.

Further design in photoshop offers me enough individuality so even I myself cannot make two identical graphics unless I use a pattern of course and this tells me that photography has gained with the appearance of the digital photography - it means gained a new aesthetics - the final outcome which is a photograph can be everything from a snapshot to a work of art as well as it has been by now

A photographer remains a photographer only his tools that reflect his photographic view into the public have changed but the magic in each and every photograph remains if the magician is true of course…

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Contact Info:
Mose Pijada 23c
Maribor, 2000  Slovenia
PH: +386 2 320 27 60

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