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August 16, 2001

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Profotos Member Biography - Mason Paul

Mason was introduced to photography at an early age. He was drawn to the idea of stopping time and capturing a single moment within an image. “I didn’t find photography,” he said. “It found me and it never let me go.” With a professional background in photojournalism and a passion for art, Mason’s work is a mixture of everyday items and grand imagination. Within the work you’ll find both dream-like landscapes and sharp-edged structures of reality. His use of special film, filters, processing and his ability to use light as a subject matter is a compelling combination of technical mastery and bold experimentation. He has a keen eye for detail and a classic sense of composition. His work is a true balance of reality and surrealism. Artist’s statement: “From my perspective, photography is the art of manipulating observation—seeing something in a way people haven’t seen or thought about it before. Often my work is about creation—the stark beauty in man’s creations and the endless, cyclical beauty of nature's creations.

The images within Mason's portfolio are great examples of fine art photography. Some of Mason's images are surreal in their nature and mood, and they lend themselves to creating a "feel" which can be related to another dimension of reality. This "dimension" is created through Mason's use of high contrast and special film techniques.

Be sure to take your time while browsing through Mason's portfolio here at Profotos. You will enjoy these images!

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Sample Images from Mason's Profotos Portfolio
Fine Art, Travel

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Contact Info:
2523 Orland Ave S- 1
Cincinnati, OH  45211  USA
PH: (513) 481-7985

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