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January 20, 2002

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Profotos Member Biography - Richard N. Sparks

My first exposure to photography was 26 years ago. I was a freshman in college, looking for an interesting elective class, so I picked Basic Photography. I loved it so much, I ended up taking every photography class they offered. For years my primary interest in life was photography. I worked in a camera store. I did portraits on the side. I worked two seasons for the National Park Service and managed to work photography and video production into my duties. I got a job as a newspaper photographer so I could shoot every day. And when I wasn't working, I did landscape photography.

If anything rivaled my love for photography, it was my love of the outdoors. So when I took a vacation, I went camping and hiking. My favorite places to visit were Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Death Valley, Monument Valley. Heck, just about anywhere wild in the wide, open west.

While working as a newspaper photographer for The Californian in Temecula, California in 1988-1990, I discovered the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, a 6000+ acre Nature Conservancy preserve. I adopted this gorgeous area of undeveloped grasslands and rolling, oak-studded hills as my nearby wilderness retreat, frequently turning to it for peaceful hikes, wildlife watching and photography.

During August, 1993, I presented an exhibit of eleven photographs featuring the Santa Rosa Plateau at the Temecula Public Library. The exhibit promoted preservation of the area, encouraging support for an open-space initiative on the state ballot.

In winter, 1993, I was selected by Outdoor & Travel Photography magazine as one of the best landscape photographers from among hundreds of reader submissions. The magazine featured my panorama photograph of Poppy Hill in their first annual All Reader's Issue.

The idea of documenting classic scenery of the American west first came to me when I found the Alabama Hills in 1994. I was attending the Lone Pine Film Festival in the quiet little eastern Sierra town of Lone Pine, California. As I learned about the unique history of the Alabama Hills and remembered the locations from old movies and television, I decided to capture them on film. After numerous trips to the area during the winter and spring, I developed a portfolio illustrating the Alabama Hills best-known movie locations.

I was soon marketing these images through retails outlets in Lone Pine and Independence, California. At the Hoppy Centennial celebration, June 2-4, 1995, I sold out a limited edition photo collage commemorating the 100th anniversary of Hopalong Cassidy. I also participated in the Lone Pine Film Festival Arts & Crafts show in October, 1995.

The Bakersfield Convention & Visitor's Center displayed a photography exhibit on my Lone Pine movie locations during March, 1997.

In 1997, I again returned to the Lone Pine Film Festival. This time setting up a small gallery shop during the peak months of September and October prior to and during the festival.

My formal education includes a B.A. in Mass Media received in 1979 from Loma Linda University in Riverside, California. My areas of study included broadcasting, journalism, public relations, and, of course, photography.

I updated my media training with a Certificate in Computer Imaging from California State University-Bakersfield in April, 2000, focusing on web design, interactive multimedia, and digital video production.

I an currently a freelance photographer in Tehachapi, California, available for assignments throughout Kern County and beyond. I also market limited edition giclée prints of my many scenic landscapes from the American west.

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25901 Ironwood Ct.
Tehachapi, CA  93561  USA
PH: 661-821-0292

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