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June 28, 2002

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Profotos Member Biography - Martin F. Gomez Alzaga

Artist's Statement - "Small Details"

Big things mark us; the small ones, allow us to continue. It is generally in the details where we can look for signals, where we are able to build our own hypothesis, to venture a world of discovery and to deepen in the understanding of what is really happening. When we let go small things, we stay in the surface. It is for this reason that Martin Gómez Alzaga concentrates its attention on rescuing precious moments difficult to catch by our glance because of the daily urgency.

With excellent invoice technique, Martin puts within reach of our senses forms, color and contrasts of nature granting them a great visual impact. This is his way to invite us to stop and to meditate. It encourages us to value the beauty of a flower in its apogee, the strength of life that arises in out in a soy bud, the magnificent abstractions that hide inside Orchids, the perfect geometric patterns that can be formed with a simple group of dry leaves or the apparent dichotomy that outlines among the smoothness of some flowers growing among arduous thorns.

The challenge that his photographs aim is to detach the world, stop it and then, play to reconstruct it putting together every small detail in away that will allow us to recognize the totally of the universe that surrounds us. Metaphor or pleasure, pragmatic activity or conceptual search, Martin always finds new ways to show us a different world inside the world that surrounds us.


Martín Gómez Alzaga was born in Buenos Aires in 1972, were he actually reside.

He started to study Arts in 1993 at The National School of Arts. Between 1994 and 1998 studied Photography at different places like: Photo Design, C.U.B.A., University of Belgrano and Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Actually, he is working as a photographer for some editors and publishing groups, making shots of different kind, such us modeling, products, graphic campaigns, nature, wildlife and so.

During 1999, he had created a personal on-line Bank of Images, were he shows his work to the world, and created a feedback with new clients for furthers jobs.

Fotositio consists on about 30,000 pictures focused in: nature (farming, insects, flowers, livestock, agriculture, wildlife, pests, animals), landscape, arquitecture, people, culture, macro photography, cities in America, and studio shots.

His work has been shown in both personal and collective exhibitions. "Natural Abstractions", the latest, sponsored by AGFA - Gebaert Argentina. (Visit on line the Agfa site). "An Estancia in Salta" is his latest book, with 69 photographs of Pampa Grande was published by Bifronte and El Ateneo in 2001.

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Glamour/Fashion, Nature

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Contact Info:
Guido 2625 2 floor
Junin 1381 3 floor
Buenos Aires, 1425  Argentina
PH: 5411-4804-3148
FAX: 5411-4394-1526

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