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September 8, 2003

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Profotos Member Biography - Nyght Falcon


Who We Are:

Award winning photographers with international experience, our work is distinctive and unusual. We combine a unique vision of the world with a deep sense of the art of photography. Our work is known for the richness of its color, the depth of its texture, and intensity of its contrast. We often work in ultra low light and in settings that are difficult and challenging.

We actively work throughout the United States and international assignments are always welcome. Our work has appeared in many publications both internationally and within the States. Twice in the past eighteen months our work has been featured in Digital Camera World. Based in the UK this publication has international distribution.

Our artistry is coupled with technical excellence in every aspect of our work. We work exclusively in digital RAW mode. Coupled with some proprietary techniques we have developed for processing digital images, we are able to produce photographs whose detail and technical quality is exceptional. Our camera of choice is the Canon Eos 1Ds Mark II. At 16.7 mega pixels with a full CMOS sensor, it is the best in its class in the world. All of our lenses are ultra-fast (F1.2 to 2.2) and use image stabilization. We remain committed to rotating our equipment with every advancement.

Currently in the United States we have offices in Raleigh and Greensboro, NC, Brooklyn, NY and South (Miami) Beach. In Europe we are based in Basel, Switzerland.

While the scope of our work is not limited to fashion and glamour, this is our primary focus. We are available for free lance work of any kind. Please visit our web site WWW.NyghtFalcon.Com to view our other work.

In January of 2005 NyghtFalcon Photography became a founding partner in Exito Talent Services. Vincent DaMon is the Senior Partner in that venture. Vincent is an internationally known makeup artist and creative director who has helped launch the careers of Halle Berry and Chaka Khan. Exito talent Services was founded to help develop new talent. Our offices are in South (Miami) Beach.

Our Staff:

Falcon - Senior Partner

JD and Rayn - Partners.

Devon - Sales and Marketing

Rayn also is our in-house makeup artist

What People Say:

"I don't know what images I like best. I LOVE your work. Your eye is awesome and your use of light is simply stunning." - Vincent Pierce, Photographer, Florida

“Being an editor of an art and photography magazine, I have seen hundreds of photography portfolios and websites. Out of that pack, only very few standout. NyghtFalcon is certainly one of them. Their sense of dramatic flair with light and shadows is their trademark and their introduction of color at precise moments only enhances their vision." - Sam DePasquale, Editor, Stimuli Magazine

"I am writing to thank you for all that you have done for us and for opening my eyes to a new world of possibility that, before meeting you, I would never have dreamed imaginable. Without your involvement in all of our projects, I know that the current level of excitement and confidence would not exist. Your artistry, imagination, and dedication have given my work a legitimacy that it could not have achieved on its own. Your work has awoken me inspired and refreshed. I very much look forward to where our journey together will take us and will never second guess the decision to entrust my work with your name. I will never be able to properly express my gratitude." - Chris Wishart, Chef, Mt Airy Country Club

“Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. You change the lives of all who view your work. And I have had the great pleasure of working with you, as you so aptly put--even at this distance. " - Connie Nelson, Cape Fear Tourism Board

“I couldn't have asked for a better shoot with you guys. Thank you so much for making things so comfortable and for the gorgeous images. I can't wait to see them all! You really impressed me!" - Merlot (NC)

"This was by far the best experience I've had. the Nyghtfalcon team is amazing, talented, kind, professional, and fun! I can't wait to go back and see them."Scarlet Graves (NC)

Current Projects:

We are currently working on a number of projects -

1. Opening September 1 at the Upstairs Gallery in Greensboro, NC is an exhibit called "The Face of Women." The fruit of 2.5 years of ongoing work, the exhibit will look at the beauty of women from a number of different perspectives, beyond the limitations our expectations impose upon us. We expect to take this exhibit to larger markets during the next year.

2. We are working toward the publication of our third and fourth books of photographs. The first of these will focus on Gothic view of the world - architecture, artistic vision and dark fashion and glamour. The fourth will be a collection of fine art photos from the past three years.


While we continue to do TFCD, our time is very limited. Most TFCD shoots involve two photographers and our makeup artist. Given our current rate structure, over a six hour session, our cost exceeds $1,500 just for the time we are with a model. Further, given that we work in RAW mode and given our passion for our work, for every hour of TFCD, we spend six more working on the photographs we take with you.

Generally we do not pay models or expenses incurred in TFCD work unless the cost of a project is underwritten by a client. For a few select models in whom we wish to invest we do offer a percentage of the sale of photographs or revenue from licensing


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Contact Info:
3412 Deep Green Dr
Greensboro, NC  27410  USA
PH: 215-740-7661

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