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March 29, 2004

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Profotos Member Biography - Klaus Jost

Klaus Jost

Marine Engineer/Underwater Specialist
Wildlife & Nature Photography

60067 Frankfurt/Main, Postfach 16 04 04, Germany
Phone (0049) 61 02 43 29 30
Fax: (0049) 61 02 43 2932

Inquiries for marine life please contact:
Innerspace Visions/Seapics
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740-2281
Phone: 808-329-4253
Fax: 808-329-6659

Inquiries for Wildlife & Nature Photography please contact:
Peter Arnold, Inc.
1181 Broadway, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 212/481-1190
Fax: 212/481-3409

The main emphasis of Klaus Jost's work lies on wildlife, nature and underwater photography worldwide. Numerous trips in the last few years have led him among other things to the big bears into the wilderness of Alaska. He is extremely fascinated by the country and the animals.

His special interest lies in the Great White Shark, Tiger Shark and Bull Shark, which are potentially dangerous to humans (any animal could be dangerous to humans) - and the whole underwater world. Decades of experience as a marine engineer and underwater specialist in several oceans fit in very well with his work. Klaus Jost has spent almost 13,000 hours under water in large-scale harbor construction projects for professional reasons alone, and has got to know the fauna and flora of most tropical countries very closely.

As a person responsible for the marine and underwater work - this has always been critical for the success of a construction site - Klaus Jost has developed a method which made it possible to produce extensive underwater foundations for quay walls with a degree of accuracy in the area of centimeters - alone in Dammam, Saudi Arabia (contract value: DM 2,650 million), they measured approx. 4 kilometers. Another exceptional achievement is certainly the construction of four complicating block quay walls: in Karachi/Pakistan, San Pedro/Ivory Coast, Alexandria/Egypt and Conakry/Guinea. The concrete blocks were placed floating (exception: Karachi) and had a weight of up to 100 tons. During the employment of large equipment in a very confined space, most of the time with zero sight under water, water depths of up to 21 meters, an enormous time pressure and 24 hours' work, the demands on all persons participating were great. Also in this area, the underwater foundations and work were a requirement for success.

Since February 2001, Klaus Jost has been a freelancer in the area of wildlife, nature and underwater photography.

He only wants to do creative work in future - possibly except for a short-term employment as a consultant if his special knowledge is in demand.

Photo and text reports are published worldwide in large magazines, journals and newspapers (National Geographic Germany, GEO, Terre Sauvage, Universum, terra and many others). His photo of the "Breaching Great White Shark" has gone around the world. He has been working with international agencies for many years and he also offers his material directly under

Another aim of Klaus Jost is to document the types of sharks which are on the red list and to make them known to the broad public.

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Contact Info:
Wilhelmstrasse 70
Illingen, 75428  Germany
PH: +49 6102 43 29 30
FAX: +49 61 02 43 29 32

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