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February 28, 2005

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Profotos Member Biography - Girish Menon

"Sometimes I feel like theres so much beauty in the world, I feel like I just cant take it...and my heart feels like its going to explode." -- American Beauty

My love for visual art was transformed into a passion from the moment my third grade teacher publicly felicitated me for my work. Its a passion I have built upon over the last 20 years, often sacrificing sleep and pleasure in pursuit of nurturing my talent for the same.

Throughout my years at High School, I was encouraged by my teachers and my peers to exploit the talent they discovered in me as an artist and as a designer. At every high school function of import, I was the one called upon to design, create, and arrange a suitable backdrop. At every youth festival and cultural gathering during my years at college, I led the Performing Arts Society to ensure that the stage design and outlay adequately highlighted the theme of the occasion.

I received my most important birthday gift in the ninth grade, when my parents bought me what was then a state-of-the-art, 286-MHz, IBM-compatible PC. And when I was in the 12th grade, my uncle had gifted me another gadget that would prove extremely influential in the years to come, a Canon AE-1 Program professional camera. Since art and photography are similar in numerous respects, most notably their composition, attention to detail, and poignancy of the final product, I soon took to photography like a fish takes to water.

By the time I received my bachelors degree in physics, I had mastered HTML, DHTML, SQL Server, JAVA Script, and PHP. But like most young people of my time, I had certain career choices to make, and soon found myself using my science degree to pursue a career in technology and digital media. While my assignments took me to many Indian cities, I always felt deep within that I wasnt doing it for satisfaction of work or money, but for the wanderlust that lingers within. Fed up with the rat race, I decided to take a sabbatical to explore my only true discovery.

In the month of November, 2003, I enrolled myself for a course in advanced photography and photojournalism. And much to my delight, the curriculum demanded plenty of travel. On my journeys, I felt the true joys of a traveller… friendliness of strangers, sheer diversity of culinary delight, ones own resourcefulness, the breaking of language barriers, relating to lives and cultures, observing unusual livelihoods, becoming a part of alien tradition, braving elements, documenting experiences using images and words, and most importantly, feeling a surreal sense of liberty.

As a photojournalist, I have the power to help those in search of purpose to get off the beaten track and explore the most beautiful reality in our world…the romantic human spirit.

I tend to focus a lot of my attention into documenting people and cultures. I have put together a website that showcases my photojournalistic assignments: primarily images and words from India. You are invited! And I look forward towards working with you on your upcoming projects, think of me if you have one. My website also speaks about purchasing certain prints as limited editions. Have a nice day!

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Bombay, India

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