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April 4, 2005

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Profotos Member Biography - Andy Tillo

Andy Tillo was born and raised in Helena, Montana. He attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington in September of 1997 to pursue his first passion of playing college baseball. Although it drove him to his decision, he found a new love at Whitman. The art world...

Andy began taking art history classes that intrigued him, and before he knew it, he had jumped into the studio, and found himself enthralled with what art was to him. The driving force behind his enthusiasm for art was the philosophical experience within the pieces. It wasn't so much the visual aspect themselves that pushed him to delve further into the field, but the people behind the pieces. Learning what made the artist choose the specific color or media. From this, the artwork seemed to come alive to Andy, and his heart and mind drew inspiration from many different impressionist painters such as Monet, Degas, Cezanne, and Van Gogh; onward to the abstract expressionism of Rothko, de Kooning, Kline and Pollack.

As his 4 years of Whitman came to a close in May of 2001, Andy found himself still wanting to find out more about the world and further enhance his artistic desire. He had never been out of the United States, and found himself yearning to see the world first hand. So he took his journal and camera off with him to travel.

His first stop was the small island of Saipan, in the Northern Marianas island chain. On a tip from a friend, Andy applied for a job at a resort there and found himself teaching everything from windsurfing to snorkeling to rock climbing. The photography of the island and its surrounding areas captivated Andy and his camera. With the lack of supplies to continue his art passion, he found himself starting a journal of poetry. Prose and ideas came to him sitting on the beaches watching the sunsets that you can see in his prints, and ideas came to form lyrics and soon the book was filled with his words. More books came, and more time devoted to his writing. The tragedies of 9/11 cut his stay there short in 2001, and he and several friends were let go from the resort.

They agreed to take advantage of an offer given to them in Tokyo, Japan working in the Roppongi district there. This journey proved to be exciting and challenging at the same time, but fairly short-lived. After a month in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Andy chose to return to Montana to be with his family.

Shortly thereafter, Andy was approached by an investor to travel and photograph the historic districts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Andy graciously accepted the offer and took off for Europe the next week staying in many different Amsterdam locales to document and photograph the many different architectural wonders of the beautiful city.

Upon return to the mainland, Andy traveled around the state of Montana almost 7 months photographing and writing before the travel bug bit him again. He was given an offer to photograph the Thailand coast from an associate he met in Saipan. He immediately took the offer and spent the next month and 1/2 traveling up and down the beaches of Thailand from Bangkok to Suratthani down to Phuket, Railay and Pha Nga over to Koh Samui, Tao, and Pha Ngan.

Once back in America, Andy Tillo found himself in Seattle deciding whether to go back to Montana again, or stay in the Seattle area. He chose to stay in Seattle, for its amazing art scene and possibilities of starting up a business of his own showcasing his abilities. From here, Tillo13 Enterprises began its start.

The photography and writing continued steadily for several more months until again Andy had the opportunity to travel. The venue for the next photo shoot was India. Arriving in Bombay in January of 2003, Andy found himself and his colleagues bouncing around the city with millions of opportunities to photograph unique sites. From mosques to the Hanging Gardens, Andy's lens captured some of the most unique sights and images from across the city. One week in Bombay wasn't enough to capture everything the city had to offer, but the trip had to go on. The group traipsed southward to a beach area called Goa. A beautiful community on the Indian Ocean provided a myriad of amazing shots that are showcased in some of Andy's more recent prints.

Back in Seattle, Tillo13 Enterprises was picking up steam and the business was ready to open to the public when Andy was extended a deal to voyage to Africa to photograph the countries of Tanzania and Kenya in depth. Stops along the way included the Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. The vastness of the land and the beauty of the people provided amazing photographic variety...

In May of 2004, Tillo13 Enterprises was officially launched and Andy Tillo's first book LifeStorm came available for immediate sale and shipment. Prints from his journeys around the world are also offered for the first time for purchase via the internet.

June of 2004 brought about the next expedition for Andy Tillo into neighboring Mexico. Cancun and Xel Ha were the subjects of his camera lens this time. Andy captured some of the most unique sunrises and sunsets ever seen on camera in this series. Also in June, Andy started on an art piece a la Andy Warhol that was entitled Jaded Afternoon. The piece was based on an image of sleeping lions that Tillo took in January while on a shoot in Tanzania, Africa.

Andy Tillo currently lives and works in Bellevue, Washington and continues to create and develop amazing photographic art pieces for art enthusiasts worldwide...Log on to to experience the art of tomorrow at your fingertips today!

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525 122nd PL NE
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Bellevue, WA  98005  USA
PH: 425-246-1275

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