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February 25, 2006

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Email Bianca Bianca's Love for nature is endless…Anything that moves in wildnature makes her heart beat fast...She learned from very young age how to love and hug domestic animals…That love has tranfered into her young adult age and she continiue to love animals of all kind with her very first camera….Later in Life She developed tremendous desire for WILDLIFE….understanding and seeing caged animals she refrined from shooting animals in Zoos…and made her what she is today RADICAL DEFENDER …. of Wildlife….and this is where her background comes from… Nothing is wrong photographing animals in Zoos…Bianca wow's Its a great beginners start and preparation for photographer who like to practice close up face to face with Animals that are not domesticated… Many zoo animals are born there and they couldnt possible tend for themselves in wild…...Zoos are great places to educate children how to share their love for animals… While on contra Photographer who shoots in Wild have to be prepared to be dealing with wild animals shots as wildlife moves constantly and light is changing as well as composition…That is when Photographers of wild nature skills comes in play BIG TIME...Wild animals dont stay still and say CHEESE or say take my photo…Dealing with weather conditions,on trails and paths and roads is not an easy chores at the times…not to say cost involved to get to the far away places…. Bianca Congrats all photographers that have love for animals and skills of photographing them either they are in WILD or ZOOS.....Bianca's principles and beleives stands the ground not to photograph animals in Zoos but rather in wild and its original habitat…Bianca is professional Photographer specializing in Wildlife and Landscape Photography. She shares a special passion for Butterflies both in the wild and in Glasshouse Educational Exhibits. Devoting much of her time at the Grand Teton National park as well as Yellowstone. Ideally she prefer to shoot in the natural and unspoiled areas of these parks capturing such animals as Bears, Bison, Moose, Fox, Coyote and Birds of all types. On occasion She photograph some animals in captivity to raise money to help animals be free and wild..., such as Humming Birds and Butterflies in Educational Exhibits but not animals in the cages of ZOO's....She is not fan of Zoos or other institutions that would keep large wild animals in captivity. She would prefer to see them running free in their natural habitats. Much of the profit she make from her wildlife photography will be donated to the Grand Teton National Park in an effort to help keep the animals that reside in these parks free and wild. She is a big fan of Nikon Cameras and prefer to shoot only with Nikon related equipment. Recently she added Nikon's 300mm and 600mm lens for better more detailed wildlife shots... Thank you for visiting Bianca's gallery... In Her Book that She plan to release very soon She will describe in details her feelings for animals who tend for themselves in wild and hope to be a great inspiration to many….Just a thought of the day " *PROTECT WILDLIFE* "*SIGN PETITION*":

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Moran, OH  83013  USA
PH: 970-691-5060

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