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Photo Interests - Travel

Berlitz Travel Photography
by Jon Davison

Berlitz Guide to Travel Photography -  Jon DavisonREVIEW: From

Any novice can hop a flight to paradise, live it up for a few weeks, and return home, tanned and relaxed, with half a dozen rolls of film to develop. But once the old grind resumes and the tan fades, what remains of your holiday jaunt? Just how good were those photos? This pocket-sized guide tells you how to get the best from your camera, without filters or special lighting. Berlitz Guide to Travel Photography gives practical advice for coping with the Caribbean's midday glare, taking advantage of Copenhagen's afternoon sun, capturing that splendid Greek sunset, and working with the nuances of dusk in Berlin. With author Jon Davison's insights into composition, style, and color, your holiday will thrive in its photographic representation, no matter how quickly your tan tapers.

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