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1. Software Review - Alien Skin's Exposure

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Profotos Magazine - October, 2002


Tyson Rininger - The Beauty of Lightning
Lightning is one of nature's most intriguing and most deadly forms of beauty available to us as photographers. While most of us in the U.S. take lightning for granted, photographers in California rarely have the opportunity to capture this phenomenon on film. In this article, Tyson Rininger takes us through his experiences of dealing with lightning and he explains how we might capture the beauty on film.

ImageAlign Software - A Review by Robert A F van de Voort
Lens distortion - all of us have run into this type of problem at one time or another during our photography careers. The "ship's prow" effect created by leaning our camera back to capture the entire skyscraper; our model's nose larger than her hands; the room interior leaning inward and downhill. These are all examples of lens distortion, which are caused by using the incorrect lens for the job. Now, we do not have to worry about this problem any more. Grasshopper Limited's "Image Align" software has been created to remove all of these distortion problems from our images! Check out this article to learn more.

eFilm PicturePAD Press Release - Delkin Devices
Do you often find yourself running out of room on your compact flash or smart media cards while you are out shooting? Now there is a solution to this problem - the eFilm PicturePAD. This new portable optical drive can store 20-30GB of images! That's some serious storage space.

A Lens with a Smaller View- Robert A F van de Voort
Are you interested in learning more about the medium format camera? Then you need to check out these articles! As one of our favorite contributers, Robert has written an extensive series on the view camera, which we have published on Now, for a change of pace, Robert is detailing the use of the medium format camera in photography. Be sure to find out more about this format by reading these articles.

Capturing Mermaids with a Holga
While most of us are interested in finding the very best (and expensive) camera equipment for our work, there is something to be said about the $20 Holga. Artistic expressionism is at your fingertips with this camera. Check it out!

When the Elements Decide
Sometimes nature plays a hand in technical decisions.
"Setting up the camera to take the photo I realised why the rock remained so wet. A wave broke nearby, swamping my feet and the rock and drenching the camera with spray."
A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Images with Mats - Jim Fishwick
Marketing our images can be one of the most difficult aspects of our jobs as photographers. While most of us can produce images worth selling, we can fall short when it comes to actually marketing these images to buyers. This article explores the possibilities of varying our marketing approach through the use of artistic mats. Through the creation of a unique presentation, we may find it easier to market our images. If you are interested in marketing your photographs, you need to read this article.


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