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THE FAQ'S - Galleries

Interested in learning more about the Galleries Section at Check out these questions and answers. If the following questions do not match what you are looking for, please contact us form and let us know how we can help you.

-Pro Galleries/General Gallery FAQ's

-Full Membership Gallery/Website FAQ's

Pro Galleries/General Gallery FAQ's

What is the Galleries Section at

The Galleries Section at is a section of the Site, which is devoted to displaying photography work to visitors of Three main gallery areas are included within the Galleries Section for exploration by our visitors.

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What are the Pro Galleries?

The Pro Galleries at are galleries which are hand-picked by the staff each month. All professional photographers can apply for their own pro gallery at Our staff of judges will pick a limited number of photographers, who will receive their own pro gallery at

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Why does Offer Pro Galleries?

The pro gallery space is being offered to a limited number of photographers each year, as the main service of our site. We are online to serve professional photographers through information, education and personalized gallery areas. Our pro galleries exist to help pro photographers gain recognition and added exposure for their work.

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How many Photographs can be Displayed in the Pro Galleries?

We allow space for 10 photographs to be displayed within each of the Pro galleries, when the galleries are initially built for a charge of $5.00 US / month. Members may add additional photographs to their gallery for a fee of $5.00 US / month for each block of 20 images.

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What are the Member Galleries?

The Member Galleries are photography galleries, which are owned by our member photographers. The Member Galleries are divided into twelve separate gallery areas, to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

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Can any Photographer get a Member Gallery at

We only allow professional photographers to obtain a member gallery on, when they apply for one of our membership plans. The staff at will make the final determination in who is eligible for a gallery at as a professional photographer.

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What is the Feature Gallery?

The Feature Gallery on is a gallery of one of our member photographers, which is featured on the front page of our site. The Feature Gallery is picked from the galleries of our members by a panel of judges each month. All members, who own their own gallery area on the site, are eligible to become the Feature Photograher.

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Do you Support WebTV?

Our current software does not facilitate the use of WebTV. We recommend Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+.

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What is a Customized Gallery?

Our customized galleries are designed by one of our talented staff members to meet the needs of our members. All gallery areas are encrypted by sophisticated software, which makes it very difficult for people to steal images from the galleries.

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Can I Build my Own Gallery/Website?

No. The reason we do not allow photographers to build their own galleries on is simple. Our software will not allow for people, other than our programmers to design the gallery areas. Another reason we do not allow photographers to design their own galleries on is to keep the gallery areas uniform and neat.

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How Hard is it to Steal a Photographer's Work on the Internet?

It is not hard at all. In fact, it is EXTREMELY easy! All one needs to do to steal a photographer's image on the Internet is "right-click" with their mouse and choose "save as" in the pop-up dialog box and the image is theirs! All of the hard work that the photographer put into making the image is gone in an instant and in the hands of someone else.

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Why is Image Theft on the Internet such a Big Deal?

The answer to this question is obvious. All of the photographers displaying their work on are professionals, meaning that they earn their living through the photographs they make. If some unscrupulous person steals the photographer's image on the Internet and uses it for their own purpose, then the photographer is losing revenue and the value of their hard work. At, we have taken great measures to ensure that this will not happen to our members.

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My Question(s) did not Receive an Answer in These FAQ's. Can you Help Me?

We sure can. First, we recommend that you check out the remainder of the FAQ's pages to see if your question is listed in them. You can also view our site tour to get some answers. If none of this seems to help, then you can send us an email at and let us know how we can help you out.

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