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Profotos Magazine - September, 2001


The Case for Captive - Les Voorhis
Photographing animals in captivity has been a widely debated subject between photographers for many years. Animals in captivity can offer great photographic opportunities, but is it ethical? Les does a great job at exploring the realities and myths concerning this topic in "The Case for Captive". This is one very informative and thought provoking article!

Devil Mountain - Brad Perks
If you did not have the opportunity to check out this excellent article last month, then now is your chance. We are running this article a second time with an added enhancement - a customized gallery containing all of the best images from Brad Perks' "Devil Mountain" collection. These are beautiful images! Check them out.

Building Travel Articles Around Images - Peter Wallack
It is one thing to photograph great travel images for display, or for sale, but to build articles around them is a completely different ballgame. In this article, Peter Wallack does a great job at explaining how travel images and text can work together.

Zone System (Part II) - Lars Kjellberg
Maximizing exposure is an integral part of "The Zone System" and photography in general. In this second article of this five-part series, Lars Kjellberg explores the intracacies of obtaining proper exposure and what it means to "The Zone System" in photography.

A Lens With a View (Part VI) - Robert van de Voort
If the "big box" intrigues you, check out this article. Robert van de Voort's take on the view camera is very informative and it is sure to help you to get a lot more out of your photography. This month, we have added part 6 to our ongoing, monthly series.

I Was a Photo Workshop Junkie - Gale Perry
If you attend photo workshops, or plan to attend them, then you definitely need to read this article. In this article, author and photo workshop leader, Gale Perry, sheds light on what you should look for when choosing which workshops to attend.

The Birth of the Modern SLR - Peter Hennig
The development of the single lens reflex camera (SLR) with a pentagonal viewing prism, was without doubt the biggest success in camera technology. It is now more than sixty years since the idea was given its concrete form.

Kalahari Meerkats - Nigel and Wendi Dennis
The meerkats of Africa are quite skittish creatures, which have an interesting life in the African bush. Meerkats have peculiar characteristics, which are defined nicely in this article by Nigel and Wendi. Be sure to check out this article to learn all about the meerkats and their lives in the bush.

 The Secrets of Zanzibar - Steve Outram
The obscure African country of Zanzibar holds many secrets, which are carefully revealed in this informative article by travel photographer/writer, Steve Outram. Take a tour of Zanzibar with Steve, as he looks behind the scenes at this most intriguing country. You can take a real-life tour with him to Zanzibar this January!


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