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Profotos Magazine - October, 2001


Fill Flash Techniques - Les Voorhis
One of the most difficult aspects in photographing nature, is finding the right light for animal portraits. Many times, it seems as though the lighting situation provided by Mother Nature is not always the "best" for producing a quality image. Why not add a bit of your own light to fill in the shadows and reduce the ratio to a reasonable level? Check out this article to learn how you can produce incredible animal portraits with the implementation of this special technique.

A Minute Passed - Rob Gray
If you ever find yourself trying to figure out what you are trying to capture within your viewfinder while you are in the field, then this article is for you. In this short essay, Rob Gray explains a situation he encounters when he is trying to decide exactly what needs to be included in the frame.

Photo Essay in China - Peter Wallack
Expanding upon the idea of last months "Building Travel Articles Around Images" article, this month's article by Peter shows ways, in which we can capture the aura of a culture to help our readers understand our article's intent.

Zone System (Part III) - Lars Kjellberg
Maximizing exposure is an integral part of "The Zone System" and photography in general. In this third article of this five-part series, Lars Kjellberg explores the intracacies of obtaining proper exposure and what it means to "The Zone System" in photography.

When Japan Took Over - Peter Hennig
The take-over of the 35mm camera system by Japanese corporations may have been one of the best things to ever happen to the photographic medium. While Japanese technology was not the best during the mid-20th Century, it did evolve quickly and eventually took over the 35mm market. Check out this article to learn the intriguing history of these events.

The Wrong Panda - Nigel and Wendy Dennis
Trekking through the unsuitable jungles of Madagascar, in search of a rare "indri" panda is not something on every photographer's "to-do" list. Nature photographers, Nigel and Wendi Dennis, marked this as a top priority on their list. Find out how their trek went and what happened when they found the indri.

The Secrets of Zanzibar - Steve Outram
The development of the single lens reflex camera (SLR) with a pentagonal viewing prism, was without doubt the biggest success in camera technology. It is now more than sixty years since the idea was given its concrete form.


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